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Sexuality and the church

The church controls sexuality to keep it’s institutional power. Come on everyone, how else does it pull it all off? Yes, there’s a genuine and deeply compelling message about the life of Jesus. The church though, deals with humans, and that’s another matter.

There’s lots of ways the church uses sex to keep people on their seats and paying into the coffer every weekend. No sex before marriage is the central tenet. The juxtaposed stance on homosexuality provides a corollary to distract attention from this.

Single people who aren’t getting laid depend on the church to get their needs met. The church ensures only Christians marry each other, again creating long term patrons and loyalty. It’s like creating the best possible net present value* for membership.

I figured all this out when I got a boyfriend after 10 years in the church. He isn’t a Christian AND we were sleeping together – a double whammy of sin. It’s unwritten protocol to keep such things under the radar, to avoid being ostracised. But we’re only as sick as our secrets.

I didn’t want to buy into the ethic of shame, but the truth didn’t go down so well. Known as a good person with sound judgement, it now appeared I’d thrown all common sense out of the window.

Honesty on this occasion meant I had to leave my church for other pastures…. I lost friends, respect, and a level of kindness from some that I’d come to know and anticipate. A confusing time, it meant I ended up finding my way to a new progressive church that is a lot more accepting…

* the value in the present of a sum of money, in contrast to some future value it will have when it has been invested at compound interest.




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