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Might is right…

In October last year, I got a real taste of corporate corruption, and had to make a decision about where I stood with it. It was tough at first, but now I’m so glad I kept my integrity and professional ethics, despite the fact my finances weren’t good at the time and it got me fired.

What I learnt from the experience is how a kind of “might is right” mind control rules our society when it comes to corporates. Here are five of the reasons:

  1. They asked me to cover up information the Board was legally required to know. When I refused, I was dismissed straight away on nebulous grounds with no recourse to action.
  2. I thought seriously about calling one the Board members but my mates, out of fear for me, advised me it wasn’t a good idea. In hindsight, dishonesty prevailed again.
  3. People who didn’t know me super well, doubted my story. A clear case of unconscious bias towards corporates who have the power.
  4. So I stopped sharing openly, to avoid the obvious questions to my credibility, meaning I didn’t get as much emotional support for my situation as I needed.
  5. I had to lie about my situation to new clients. It’s funny how when you are out of work, the desperation kicks in and people can kind of pick it up, my fault or not.

This is all crazy. I was doing the right thing and the consequences were a challenge to face. No wonder people struggle to stand up to injustice of any sort. Lucky I’m single with no dependents or mortgage so I could withstand the risk I took in a situation like this.

My justice came of it’s own accord though. I soon heard through the grapevine they regularly sacked consultants who didn’t support their schemes, so I had my vindication. The recruitment agent who put me in there apologised to me because they knew their client was dodgy (yeah no kidding).

And of course honesty always pays, because a couple of months later, I ended up picking up my all time dream job…



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